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LANDE Platform Performance Report – April 2024

Read the April 2024 edition of LANDE's Platform Performance Report, which we publish monthly to highlight our progress in loan issuance and debt collection as well as to provide updates on other internal or technical developments.

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New feature on the LANDE Platform: Debt Collection Stage

We are introducing a new platform feature with the aim of better informing investors about the steps our legal and debt collection teams are taking to recover delayed payments from farmers.

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INTERVIEW | LANDE's CTO on platform enhancements, Secondary Market relaunch, vision for the future

Read an interview with LANDE's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Aleksandrs Nastasins to learn about the biggest challenges the team has faced over the past months, get the latest updates about the LANDE Secondary Market relaunch, and find out what else is in the works on the IT side this year.

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LANDE Platform Performance Report – March 2024

Read LANDE's first Platform Performance Report, part of a new series that we will publish around the middle of every month to highlight our progress in loan issuance and debt collection, as well as other internal or technical updates.

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What are the biggest mistakes investors could make?

Most people are keenly aware that successful investing takes a lot more than simply picking a broad selection of stocks and hoping for the best. However, less experienced investors can make serious (and often costly) mistakes by focusing too intently on what to invest in, without giving consideration to how to build the perfect portfolio. 

In this short guide, we're going to highlight some of the most common mistakes made by newcomers: