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How to Support Environmentally Safe Farming Practices and Crop Production

Many people have a misconception of investing being bringing solely material benefits. We’re here to fight this stigma. Investing doesn’t need to go against your moral compass.

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What Is the Difference Between Long-Term and Short-Term Investments?

Financially educated individuals strive to generate capital with investments. However, starting the investment journey may be overwhelming due to the risks involved and the number of available options

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What Is the Difference Between Crowdfunding and Crowdlending?

The terms crowdfunding and crowdlending sound alike and are sometimes mixed up by beginning investors and the general public.

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The more you invest, the more you earn

Starting from August 17th each investment made on Primary market and Anchor investor's loans on secondary market, will grant you a cash bonus.

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What Is Crowdlending and How It Works from Investor’s Side

Financially educated individuals tend to invest rather than plainly earn and spend. However, starting to invest may be intimidating due to the wide range of available options and risks involved. Crowdlending has one of the highest investment return rates among all funding types and is rapidly gaining public attention.

This guide will explain thoroughly what crowdlending is, what are its benefits and drawbacks, and how it works from the investor’s side. In the end, we will share tips for minimizing the risks and maximizing the profits with crowdlending.