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LendSecured Presented Latvia at Fintech100

LendSecured has been recognized as one of the top two fintech startups in the Baltic States and Northern Europe by the organizers of the Fintech Abu Dhabi conference.

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LendSecured announces merger with Lande to expand to Europe

The agricultural crowdfunding platform LendSecured announces a brand merger with Lande, the credit platform for farmers.

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How To Keep Small-Scale Farms in Business

Traditional lending has an ironic blindspot – the agricultural sector. Faced with risk-averse lending institutions, small and medium-sized farms are often left without the funding needed to grow.

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Letter from Regulator FCMC

We have received a written authorisation from regulator (FCMC) to continue providing Crowdfunding Services.

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The impact of crowdlending on agriculture

“With farmers who use wheat and oats for baking bread, we take this as collateral. Wheat is actually great collateral as it doesn’t require any know-how to evaluate it - you simply use the market price to do it.”