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LendSecured 2021 recap

We are excited to share with you LendSecured 2021 recap! It's an overview of projects our investors made investments in 2021, showing data like invested amount, project types, new investors and other. Also we wanted to share with you our achievements as a platform!

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What is automated investing and how to use it?

Automated investing is a tool that automatically takes the money you want to invest and builds an investment portfolio based on your selected parameters. 

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Auto-Invest is available

From now, you woun't miss the project you may be interested in.

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LendSecured at “FinTech100 Abu Dhabi” conference

LendSecured participates in the “FinTech100 Abu Dhabi” conference as one of the best financial technology startups.

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Crowdfunding – Why Should Investors Consider Agricultural Loans?

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular in recent years online. It offers new projects or businesses the chance to raise money from a wider audience, allowing them to expand their business and create change for their local community.