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Now you can earn interest instantly, without waiting the funding period

In order to grant our investors access to previous projects and diversify the investment possibilities, we have published part of the anchor investor’s portfolio on the secondary market.

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LendSecured Launches Secondary Market

LendSecured has always put the safety of its investors first and has been proactive in introducing new solutions that benefit customers. Development of the Secondary Market (SM) just two months after launching the LendSecured platform confirms our dedication to providing a superior investing experience where customers have greater control.

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Legal Side of LendSecured in 5 Questions

LendSecured is the Real Estate Crowdfunding platform designed with the investors’ security in mind. This article will guide you through the legal side of the investment process, without the complicated jargon. So, everyone can make sense of what is happening behind the scenes.

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Top 8 FAQ

Here are most popular questions asked by investors.

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Why you should be investing in land right now

LendSecured offers a unique opportunity to invest in loans financing the purchase of an agricultural land. Many investors wrongly overlook this exotic asset class, or simply have a lack of knowledge about attractive investment opportunities offered by arable land. The goal of LendSecured is to connect all investors, small or large, from all over Europe with investment opportunities in the agricultural land of Latvia. Moreover, it is our mission to spread the message of why this is a great addition to your investment portfolio.