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Impact of events in Ukraine on Agricultural sector

This war will deliver a shock to the global supply and cost of food. Russia and Ukraine are some of the biggest producers of agriculture globally.

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Organic farming

Organic farming is an agricultural system that utilizes green manure, compost, biological pest control and crop rotation to produce crops, livestock and poultry. It’s a system that cultivates resources to conserve biodiversity and support ecological balance. 

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What next for P2P lending?

"It is a proof of their objective to make a market suitable for investors who want to enter the market and start building their portfolio."

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Late loan notifications

We have created a notification sign to reduce the amount of email sent to investors about late loan updates.

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The Latvian start-up aiming to address rural poverty

It’s no secret that rural areas in Central and Eastern Europe are struggling. Low crop yields and a lack of financing are the main issues. But a Latvian start-up is aiming to change that.