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The impact of crowdlending on agriculture

“With farmers who use wheat and oats for baking bread, we take this as collateral. Wheat is actually great collateral as it doesn’t require any know-how to evaluate it - you simply use the market price to do it.”

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What is automated investing and how to use it?

Automated investing is a tool that automatically takes the money you want to invest and builds an investment portfolio based on your selected parameters. 

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Crowdfunding – Why Should Investors Consider Agricultural Loans?

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular in recent years online. It offers new projects or businesses the chance to raise money from a wider audience, allowing them to expand their business and create change for their local community. 

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The more you invest, the more you earn

Great news!

Our campaign - The more you invest, the more you earn - is back.

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How to Support Environmentally Safe Farming Practices and Crop Production

Many people have a misconception of investing being bringing solely material benefits. We’re here to fight this stigma. Investing doesn’t need to go against your moral compass.