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What Is Crowdlending and How It Works from Investor’s Side

Financially educated individuals tend to invest rather than plainly earn and spend. However, starting to invest may be intimidating due to the wide range of available options and risks involved. Crowdlending has one of the highest investment return rates among all funding types and is rapidly gaining public attention.

This guide will explain thoroughly what crowdlending is, what are its benefits and drawbacks, and how it works from the investor’s side. In the end, we will share tips for minimizing the risks and maximizing the profits with crowdlending.

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Virtual IBAN for each investor

We are happy to announce a new feature on LendSecured - personal IBAN for every user (VIBAN), which will ensure faster money transfers.

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What is the meaning of the green sign in project schedule?

We often receive this question from those investing in secondary market.

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Live launching event of agricultural projects

We are going to launch our new product - seasonal funding for farmers (grain financing) very soon. Join live event to get to know more.

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LendSecured partners with Lemonway

The investment platform can minimize the risks that an investor is facing. However, when unforeseen events happen the security of investors’ money is in question. LendSecured has figured out how to give investors an extra piece of mind. LendSecured investment platform has partnered with established payment solution Lemonway, where all investors’ funds are kept safe.