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Auto-invest feature upgrade: optimize your LANDE portfolio with more flexibility and control

LANDE's Auto-invest feature just got a major upgrade!  

In response to suggestions and requests we’ve received from our investor community in recent months, our tech team has implemented a series of changes in the Advanced Auto-invest feature in order to give you more choice in terms of the types of projects you invest in automatically and more flexibility regarding the amounts you can invest. 

New project filters 

From now on, any investor who creates an Advanced Auto-invest strategy will be able to make a more granular selection of the types of projects the strategy should invest in, with filters for:  

  • Interest rate % 

  • Loan term in months 

  • LTV % 

  • Collateral type 

  • Country  

  • Schedule type


Lower minimum investment  

The minimum amount you need to allocate to your Advanced Auto-invest strategy has now been lowered from 250 to 100.  

For Basic Auto-invest strategies, the minimum amount will remain unchanged at 50. 

We are confident that these new Auto-invest features will help improve our investors’ experience and results and we are looking forward to receiving further feedback.