Getting Started
What is LANDE?
LANDE is an asset-backed crowdlending platform, providing agricultural loans with low LTV.
How do i transfer money to my LANDE account?
Just make a payment to Lemon Way bank details, indicated in the "Summary" section of your LANDE profile.
In what currency can i transfer funds to my Lemon Way account?
All projects are funded in euros, thus we highly recommend choosing this currency, when making a transfer. When making a transfer in another currency, it will be converted to euros according to the exchange rate set by your bank.
Who can invest?
Anyone who he has a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) bank account. The full country list is indicated in registration process and it can be supplemented.
Does LANDE provide buyback guarantee?
The buyback guarantee is not provided for grain or real estate projects. Loan repayment is guaranteed by collateral for real estate projects, insurance, personal guarantees and 3-way agreements with harvest buyers for grain projects. Investors receive interest for the whole duration of the loan until the loan is repaid.
Does LANDE offer an auto-invest feature?
LANDE have an auto-invest feature. By choosing the auto invest feature you can set up your investment criteria. So, your money will automatically be invested in projects that fit your criteria.
Adding funds
How long does it take to transfer funds to my LANDE account?
Money transfers can take up to 3 business days, but is usually processed within 24 hours. During this period, we ensure AML and KYC verification.
Where are investments held?
All investments are held on a segregated account from LANDE operational account, opened in BNP Paribas (Bank of France).
Is it safe to use LemonWay?
Lemon Way has been successfully operating as one of the leading payment solutions providers since 2007. It is regulated by the Central Bank of France, hence it complies with all the latest EU regulations regarding processing and holding of funds.
About loans
What projects are published on LANDE?
We publish agricultural real estate and grain projects, as well as real estate development projects.
What happens when a borrower defaults?
In case of default, the borrower will be contacted by our debt recovery department. If sides cannot reach a solution, the liability stipulated in the loan agreement occurs and the property is sold in auction.
What happens if the project is not funded before the deadline?
The remaining funding is provided by anchor investor. LANDE guarantees, that all open projects will be fully funded, before meeting the deadline, ensuring investors that deadlines will not be prolonged and projects will not be cancelled, because of insufficient investment amount.
Are taxes withheld on any projects?
No taxes are withheld.
Who can borrow on LANDE?
Small and medium business owners, as well as farmers and foresters can receive loans through the platform.
Who is this "anchor investor"?
Anchor investor is our long-term private investor, who has agreed to finance the projects, if other investors have not managed to do it until the end of the funding period. He is just like any other investor, who has registered on the platform, except, that he guarantees his participation in project funding, to reach 100% funding. We have introduced this in order to avoid situations, where project deadlines are prolonged or projects are cancelled, due to insufficient investment amounts.
What is the meaning of the green sign in project schedule?
This sign shows the payment disciple. If a borrower has already made the payment, it is marked accordingly.
How can I withdraw money from my LANDE account?
Withdrawal can be made by logging in to your Investor's profile in the "withdrawal" section.
Will I be charged for the withdrawal?
Currently fund withdrawal is free of charge.
How long does it take to withdraw money from my LendSecured account to my bank account?
Withdrawal takes up to 3 working days, depending on your bank, as well as public holidays.
Can I change the bank account to which I withdraw money?
Yes, just go to the "withdrawal requests" section, complete the application under "add new IBAN" and wait for the new IBAN to be verified.
Primary Market
How is the interest calculated on primary market?
The return depends on the amount of the investment made and the annual interest rate of the project, dividing it proportionally among all investors of the project and distributed according to dates set in loan schedule. The calculation is made to whole cents with rounding down.
Secondary Market
What is secondary market?
Secondary market is a marketplace for primary market investments. It gives anyone, who has invested in primary market an opportunity to prematurely exit the loan, by selling their investment for anyone interested.
Who is the anchor investor and why his investments are offered on secondary market?
Anchor investor is a long-term private investor of LANDE, who has been attracted to guarantee 100% funding for primary market projects. In order to give a chance for investors to invest in loans they have missed on primary market, the anchor investor offers them for sale on secondary market.
Are there any fees?
There are no fees for using secondary market.
How are returns calculated on secondary market?
Payments are distributed to investors according to schedule, taking into account when the investor has invested and the amount of investment. Interest is calculated from the date of the investment on the secondary market, but is distributed according to the schedule. If the borrower makes payments in advance, they are kept on borrowers account until the payment date according to schedule, when it is distributed to investors.
Can I cancel the sale of an investment?
It is possible to cancel the investment put up for sale, until someone has accepted the sale offer.
Are bonuses offered also applicable to secondary market investments?
Nor affiliate and referral bonuses, nor cashbacks are calculated for secondary market investments.
Why does one project appears several times on secondary market section?
Every project appears on secondary market section as many times as the count of investors, which has put their investment for sale. In case of various sale offers, one can choose, which one to buy.
Do I need to buy all the investment offered?
No, you can choose any amount starting from EUR 2.