Agricultural loans

Need for funding in the EU agricultural sector is between EUR 7.06 billion and EUR 18.60 billion. LendSecured aims to provide better access to funding for EU farmers.

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Benefits for Investors
Maximum LTV
Annual return
6-12 months
dynamic loan terms

Grain projects

Invest in projects with added value to EU economy.
ID Amount Annual Return Term Pledge Volume
11% 6m. 250 Invest
11% 6m. Grain 100 t View
11% 6m. Invest
11% 6m. View
10% 6m. View
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How it works?

Want to invest in agricultural projects?
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3-Way agreement

By signing an agreement with future harvest buyer, we ensure that principal plus interest is paid back in the first place and only then the farmer receives remaining amount from the sale of harvest.

Crop insurance

To protect against either loss of their crops due to natural disasters, such as hail, rainfall, storm.


All loans to legal entities come with personal guarantees from their owners. Farmers usually own various valuable assets such as machinery, agricultural land, buildings, etc., which can be used in debt collection.

Hedged grain price

Companies, which purchase grain, use financial instruments to be protected against financial losses from grain price fluctuations. This is known as “price hedging”.


Why grain financing?
Based on the survey by the European Investment Bank there is a high demand for seasonal funding from farmers. Mainly, this is because they are often rejected by banking sector, as only half of farms have fully-fledged bookkeeping or an expert accountant or required turnover for banks to consider their application.
What type of agreement will be signed?
There will be 3-way agreement between borrower, collateral agent and the harvest buyer. By signing an agreement with future harvest buyer, we ensure that the loan and interest for the relevant period will be paid back in the first place to the collateral agent and only then to the farmer, who will receive the remaining amount from the harvest sale.
What loan terms will be offered?
Seasonal funding for farmers is a great alternative to short-term loans. Loans will have term between 6 to 12 months.
For what purpose farmers choose seasonal funding?
Seasonal funding often comes in hand at the beginning of the season, when farmers need funds to improve the machinery, employ workers or just for current assets.
What will be the collateral?
The collateral will be grains. Grain prices are set by stock exchange and are freely available online for anyone interested.
From which countries the farmers can apply for loans?
We will start with Latvia, in Q2-Q3 expand to Lithuania and at the beginning of 2022, the rest of Europe.


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