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The LANDE Secondary Market is back!

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of the LANDE Secondary Market, as a result of our IT team’s hard work to fix underlying data issues that had posed risks to investor balances in the past.

The work to reopen the Secondary Market was fully focused on ensuring that the amounts involved are calculated and displayed correctly and that investors do not run into any further transaction-related issues.

We have implemented a few very specific rules for the Secondary Market – they’re rather strict right now in order to ensure the safety and integrity of your investments.

We’ll gradually review investor activity and feedback as Secondary Market transactions resume and introduce new features based on user demand.

Here are the most important things you need to know when investing on the LANDE Secondary Market:

☑️ No splitting below €100: For investments ranging between €2 and €99.99, only the full amount can be bought or sold on the SM. However, for loans starting with €100, investors have the option to split into one transaction of €50 and one or multiple transactions for the remaining amount (each at min. €50 and no less than €50 remaining investment after any transaction).

☑️ Resales available only for current loans: If you want to resell an investment you’ve purchased on the SM, you must wait until a new current payment is processed before it can be resold. If a loan is delayed by one or more 30-day intervals, investors will need to wait for the borrower to catch up with all delayed and current payments in order to be able to resell the investment on the SM.

☑️ No sales before loan issuance: to maintain fairness and project integrity, loans cannot be sold on the secondary market before they are officially issued.

☑️ No sales after final scheduled payment: Once a loan's final scheduled payment date has passed, the project will no longer be available for sale on the secondary market.

☑️ Full Bullet Loans: These loans are excluded from the secondary market and cannot be sold, as they have unique repayment terms that necessitate direct management.

☑️ Defaulted Loans: Loans that are in default status cannot be sold on the secondary market. This measure is in place to protect investors from acquiring non-performing assets. Furthermore, if a loan that is already listed on the Secondary Market goes into default, the Buy option will be deactivated.

Many of our investors have been waiting for this relaunch so we are hoping to see a lot of fresh activity on the Secondary Market, and we are open to your thoughts and feedback as well as suggestions for improvement.

Happy investing!